West Loop New Construction Condos and Recently Built Buildings

West Loop New Construction Condos Chicago, IL

Chicago’s West Loop real estate has been dubbed as one of the “city’s hottest housing markets” since the great recession in 2008-2009. Once the historic home of the city’s meatpackers, flower-markets and manufacturing, these warehouses now sit among sleek West Loop new construction condos and converted loft style residences from the last development boom that struck in the 1990s and early 2000s, when Oprah was queen of the neighborhood.

The current new development in the West Loop is a healthy mix of residential condos & apartments and the commercial office buildings looking to attract tech companies and other tenants who may be looking to relocate from the suburbs and the Loop business district. With this influx of companies and workers, a surging demand for housing has created an opportunity for condo developers in the city to fill this void with new homes. Approximately 180 new construction residential condos are slated for delivery in the West Loop by 2022. 

Crain’s Chicago Business said it best: “The once-scruffy West Loop matured quickly in the years after the recession and in the past few years has stood out as one of the city’s hottest areas, not only for homes but as a job center and a restaurant and nightlife hub.”

Here, I will continue to give insight on the West Loop new construction condos & recently built buildings in the West Loop that will give any future buyer solid insight on what new projects are available and in the works in Chicago’s West Loop.

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West Loop Bark Parks

The West Loop has some wonderful dog parks to let your dog burn off some pent up energy and for you to enjoy our beautiful city views and hopefully connect with some interesting neighbors.

Park 569 – Skinner Bark Park

Go west down Monroe to Loomis and stop by Skinner Park for a few rounds of fetch!

Skinner Bark Park (aka Park 569) is a quarter of an acre of sheer doggo heaven. This park is maintained by a community group and has a strong base who celebrate occasionally with social events for dogs and their humans. Located across from the sports fields at Skinner Park this dog park is specifically designed for maximum dog enjoyment.

Craziness ensues at Skinner Bark Park

Bartelme Dog Friendly Area

The southwest corner of Mary Bartelme Park is the dogs playground.

Owners and dogs enjoy the range of turfs and levels to jump and play around!

Heritage Green Park

In West Loop Gate, between 90/94 and the River lies Heritage Green Park which is a perfect corner of Earth that you and your doggo can get a quick sprint or toss in but still has calming vibes that might inspire meditation.

The city of Galway, Ireland donated “Grainne”, created by Maurice Harron, to Chicago, shown with the left hand raised as a signal of blessing. 

Wayman & Union Bark Park

Wayman & Union Bark Park is tucked behind Carnivale near Fulton and 90/94 with a great area for toss and run or just a quick sniff. This may not be a city sanctioned lot but there is always a dog or two popping around.

And just in case you didn’t notice the super happy doggo in the lead photo, I went ahead and enlarged it. It may be blurry, but LOOK at that SMILE!

West Loop Bark Parks are a great part of our community… speaking of which…

This hilarious PSA rings true; please take care of yourselves and your pets to keep everyone safe!

Exploring Food Hall Options In The West Loop

West Loop’s food scene recently multiplied with wonderful new food and beverage delights with the opening of Politan Row and Time Out Food Market. I was on a quest for a delicious juice, smoothie or bubble tea – with it being such a dreary day outside, I wanted something bright and refreshing to cheer me up. As I haven’t really been to the new markets yet, I wanted to give them some time to settle in and not be crazy busy and snaked with lines, so I thought this would be a great way to get acclimated.

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