West Loop New Construction Condos For Sale

West Loop New Construction Condos Chicago, IL

Chicago’s West Loop real estate has been dubbed as one of the “city’s hottest housing markets” over the last few years. Once the historic home of the city’s meatpackers, flower-markets and manufacturing, these warehouses now sit among sleek West Loop new construction condos and converted loft style residences from the last development boom that struck in the 1990s and early 2000s, when Oprah was queen of the neighborhood. For buyers looking for luxury residences in Chicago’s hottest neighborhood, luckily there are numerous West Loop new construction condos for sale.

The current new development in the West Loop is a healthy mix of residential condos & apartments and the commercial office buildings looking to attract tech companies and other tenants who may be looking to relocate from the suburbs and the Loop business district. With this influx of companies and workers, a surging demand for housing has created an opportunity for condo developers in the city to fill this void with new homes. Approximately 180 new construction residential condos are slated for delivery in the West Loop by 2022.











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3BR Investment Property Available Now!

Get nearly 4.5% return in the heart of West Loop

939 W Madison 507 a three bedroom / three bath in the middle of everything West Loop is currently rented for $4250/month thru May 31, 2023. This property is currently listed for $555,000. This price includes the tandem parking spot. Please click here for the MLS Sheet.

The association at 939-949 W Madison includes the two towers between Sangamon and Morgan on Madison: two blocks south of Randolph “Restaurant Row” and one block north of Mary Bartleme Park. Don’t miss Green City Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings and giving your tenants the opportunity to live in the middle of a very popular area in Chicago.
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West Loop 2022 Q1 Highest Priced Sales and Market Review

How did the West Loop do in the first quarter?

The theme of this past quarter was strong out of the gate, with eager first time buyers looking to build equity versus pay an owner money for rent. And with interest rates on the rise, starting in the low 3%s in the beginning of the quarter to around 5% at the end of March (which, can add a few hundred dollars to your monthly payment) crated buyer urgency and multiple bidding scenarios.

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Top 10 West Loop Managed Apartment Buildings

Renting in Chicago may seem to be kind of tricky as there are quite a few different options for the Chicago renter:

• Listings represented by a Brokerage for an owner (usually listed on the MLS)

• Listings for Rent by Owner (on zillow, hotpads, etc.)

• Listings for Rent by Property Management Company : these often have a leasing team on site who usually work only with their specific building or company.

If you’re trying to figure out where to begin, I am a licensed agent who can help you sort through all different types of listings, including those in the Property Managed Buildings.

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West Loop’s Bib Gourmand Honorees

Michelin announced 2022s recipients – check out which restaurants are in the West Loop

The Michelin Man was back this week awarding 68 Bib Gourmand’s across the city, who have not only held strong thru the past couple years but did so with style and flair.

Bib Gourmand is awarded to restaurants who exhibit good quality and good value cooking. I’ve covered West Loop two star recipient restaurants previously – and now wanted to highlight the eight the French company has noted in our neighborhoods – go check these gems out!

Click on the map above to check out the Michelin Guide Map
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Reuters reports US Home Sales Rise in October with West Loop posting highest closed sales in three years!

West Loop Real Estate Market Trends : 2021 October Review

Closed sales – over a rolling 12 months of activity, are the highest level per month in the past three years:

Reuters recently reported, U.S. new home sales rise in October, September revised down and taking a closer look in our neighborhood, year over year zip codes 60607 and 60661 (both West Loop zip codes) stayed relatively the same from September to October however there was a large increase year over year.

With vaccines widely available and businesses downtown requiring employees to be back in the office, it looks like people are feeling much more comfortable than last year and looking to make the West Loop American dream a reality as we head into 2022.

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Local Paradise : Chicago Riverwalk and a few homes for sale nearby!

Blink and you might miss it: The Riverwalk, one of Chicagos best attractions is located across the River from the West Loop at Lake & Wacker. If you drive along Upper Wacker you might not realize this world of food, art and entertainment are just one floor below. Definitely try to spend some time in this local urban paradise!

One might claim, the city of Chicago exists because four hundred years ago, settlers found beautiful Lake Michigan (an excellent water source) with very specific marshy tributaries (Chicago River) and knew it had great potential for an industrial future.

In the 1600s it was already being used in trade routes. Eventually this unregulated Industry polluted the Chicago River to disgusting levels but eventually that was reversed and now you’ll find folks fishing off the Riverwalk (however they typically release after catching). Chicago visionary and creator, Daniel Burnham introduced a new civic vision of riverside promenades with the addition of the Wacker Drive viaduct.

The riverwalk has been under construction for the better part of 50 years, in 2015 construction was finally finished on the 1.25 mile stretch on the south bank and a local paradise was brought to life, with former Mayor Rahm Emmaunel citing it’s an initiative to reclaim the Chicago River for the ecological, recreational and economic benefit of the city.

The Chicago Riverwalk is 1.25 miles which stretches from Lake Michigan to Lake Street and has various attractions along the way. Their website counts 34 distinct features: starting from Lake Street, just down the steps at Wacker on Lower Wacker level…there is a large peninsula with Adirondack chairs, art and boat cleats!

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